“We have given a lot of signals that we are not postponing the country”

“We’ve given a lot of signals that we’re not putting off the country,” Fernandez says.

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President Alberto Fernandez stressed on Friday that “some believed that the agreement with the International Monetary Fund, which we had to sign, would mean a delay” for the country and insisted that “No one puts off Argentina.”

“We have given a lot of signals that we are not putting off the country. We never think the solution is to stop investing where Argentina needs it; We do not adapt, neither in education, nor in science, nor in technologyFernandez said while leading this Friday at the Casa Rosada Bicentennial Museum, showcasing federal programs “Equipment of Science and Building Science to Strengthen Scientific Research in Argentina.”

Accompanied by the Minister of the Region, Daniel Filmus, the President noted that the national government is “investing in basic education, through scholarships, ensuring equal opportunities for teaching, investing in science and technology,” and added, “There is nothing else on our minds to continue thinking about growth and economic development.” “.

“There is nothing in our heads but to keep thinking about growth and economic development.”Alberto Fernandez

“We are in a complex situation where we are still noticing the problems we are going through with regard to inflation. We are looking for tools. But there is a global conflict complicating the scenario, Food and energy prices have skyrocketed and this is a problem for us too‘ asserted the CEO.

In this context, Fernandez insisted: “But we never think the solution is to stop investing where Argentina needs it. We never think the solution is to modify education, science and technology. We never think the solution will happen because those who receive the food card do not receive more resources when They need it. We never think about that.”

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Previously, in his speech, the head of state confirmed that day “We are taking a step towards a better Argentina, which is development” He stressed that the development of science and technology “allows us a better future.”

“It’s been so neglected in recent years, we’ve had a concern since day one to expand the framework,” he said while leading the show at the Bicentennial Museum.

Along the same lines, he called for a “federation of investment in science and technology,” and said: “Enough of the imbalance and inequality” in the country.

Federal Science Plan

With regard to the announced initiatives, it has been reported that the federal program “Equipar Ciencia” provides scientific institutions of the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation (SNCTI) with access to medium and large equipment, necessary to carry out highly complex studies and analyzes.

The aim of the plan is to expand the strategic mechanism to areas of the country whose access is not currently guaranteed, as has been determined.

At the same time, the federal program “Building Science” gives the institutions of the Argentine scientific system the opportunity to create or adapt the necessary infrastructure for research and technological innovation. In this way, the program aims to reduce the current disparities between the various jurisdictions in the country.

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