“We don’t have a return date…”: They reveal what is the new life of “Chapita” Fuenzaleda in the United States

The end of the last tournament also led to the end of José Pedro Fuenzaleda as a football player at Universidad Católica. As an idol, with seven national championships and various other titles to his credit, Chapita said goodbye to the institution that opened the doors for him in soccer. But beware, he never said goodbye to the activity: he only made it clear that he would never play again for Chile.

Today, Fuenzalida’s days are quite far from the country. He went with his wife and children to the United States. More specifically to Santa Monica, California. María Jesus Herrera, his wife, spoke about this new life.

in conversation with latest news He noted, for example, that already in North America “we have given ourselves this first month to be the six of us together. We have established ourselves, strengthened relationships and created an environment of trust so that children can start going to school.”

Later, he explained his reasons for leaving the country in this direction: “It was in order to study English. The first two children knew something, because they studied at a British pre-school, but Emma knows nothing.

On the other hand, Jose Pedro Fuenzaleda said that Chaveta has returned to playing football. “He got into an amateur league. Some friends were playing there and they incorporated it. He’s having a great time,” he said.

And professional football? Will the right back return for one last dance? The woman did not want to close the doors. In his opinion, “Not at the moment, but the fault is always there. I cannot tell you that José Pedro will not return to football.”

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“He has a master’s degree in sports management, he’s studying English and maybe later he’ll take a course here.”

What is clear about Herrera is that, at the moment, there is no return date to Chile. “Since the goal is to learn English, we will see it based on that. When we feel prepared and ready, we will see how we will continue.”

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