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When it was believed that the coronation of Carlos III had passed without setbacks on May 6 at Westminster AbbeyDetails began to be known that, although they were not noticed at the time, some curious people from the press did not let them pass.

Who’s in the official coronation photo: Princess Anne wins her place alongside King Charles III and Queen Camilla in the traditional photo, with Harry and Andres absent

As everyone turned their attention to the historic royal event and closely followed the movements of the King of England and his wife Camilla, the lip-reader detected a possible annoyance from Her Majesty related to the late arrival of the Princes of Wales.

The press, reviewing the moment when the King and Queen had to wait in the Diamond Jubilee state carriage before entering Westminster Abbey, despite arriving five minutes early, points out E-mail.

His unease had to do with the fact that the Princes of Wales and their children Charlotte and Louis were late to the big event in the United Kingdom, which meant a slight delay to the coronation service.

This is the meaning of the floral crowns worn by Kate Middleton and her daughter, Princess Charlotte

Kate and William were supposed to be seated in their respective posts in front of the King, but with the delay they had to walk behind Carlos III and Camila as they entered the church before the eyes of the 2,300 guests.

Carlos III was annoyed by the princes of Wales

A lip reader picked up on how little Carlos got excited about having to wait and told the British media the phrase that was going to come from his lips: “We can never be on time. That’s a negative thing, it always happens.”

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Carlos III’s attitude indicates that he was not happy with the situation and complained to Queen Camilla about his son’s family’s delay.

The British newspaper also quoted a lip reader Jackie Press He analyzed and studied Carlos’ photos before. I noticed the king’s concern about what had happened.

“I worry about time, I mean more time has passed this time,” he said in the press about what King said.

E-mail He points out that the Princes of Wales, William and Kate Middleton, got into some trouble and joined the King’s motorcade a little late “because they couldn’t get there early to get on”.

The Bishop of Chelmsford Julie Francis Dehghani admitted that a thing or two “didn’t go quite as strictly as planned”, though he didn’t make it clear what he meant specifically, adding that he wouldn’t embarrass anyone.

At the end of the day, the Princes of Wales shared a video on their verified Instagram account summarizing their hasty departure from their residence and getting into the car to head to Westminster Abbey.

“Any day. Thanks to everyone who made it possible,” read the caption accompanying the recording, as an indication that all went well after the slight delay. (And the)

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