We also have more free boosters today (including 5×84)

Along with other content like Free cards also Special versions of past events that have returnedYesterday, the new Milestones arrived that allowed you to get play envelopes for free in FIFA 23. Well, today The same thing happens again thanks to the “Head to Head Victory” thematic group.

These challenges are more difficult and last less time. They will only be available until March 10th at 7pm Spanish time. And To get all the bonuses, it will be necessary to win fifty matches In any Ultimate Team mode.

We get a package just for winning the match. There it is Every time we add ten wins, we will receive a pack of golden premium players (up to fifty). The final reward is a five player +84 pack, though everything will be non-tradable.

We have just under two weeks to add the said wins, we assume many FIFA 23 users will not reach all the trophies. despite of Yes it will be easier to get some. You can probably beat the first few objectives even if you don’t complete the whole set.

FIFA 23 – ‘Head to Head Victory’ goals

  • Expiration date: Friday, March 10, at 7:00 pm Spanish time.
  • Overall bonus: Pack of 5 Premium Gold Players +84 Non-Tradeable Players + 300XP.
  • We will receive a premium gold player pack Not transferable for the first victory. From there, we’ll get the same package every time we add ten wins until we get to fifty (plus 300 experience for each target hit).
Achievements Lost Chase FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
As we complete the new objectives, we will advance in the milestones reached yesterday one at a time (because those are asking to play matches).

You have here News with RTTF stats updated after the rest. If you want to be informed about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team news, You can register on our Telegram broadcast channel. all the best!

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