We already know where Spain will appear in the final and we have an official video with the final version of Chanel ‘SloMo’

There is only one day left until the Eurovision closing ceremony, and after the second semi-final, the festival make it public The final order in which the representatives of different countries will sing.

Spain, as a member of the “Big Five”. He didn’t have to go into the semi-finals and was immediately drawn to decide which part of the party he would perform: the first half. Now we know that Chanel’s last place in the competition will be 10. In the same position, one of the winners of the previous editions, the Swede Måns Zelmerlöw, presented with “Champions”.

The person responsible for opening the ceremony will be “Lights off” by We Domi, representative of the Czech Republic, and closing “Hope” by Stefan, the group from Estonia. As for the nominees, Italy will be ninth, Ukraine twelfth, Sweden twentieth, and the United Kingdom twenty-second.

The final ranking of 25 participants will be as follows:

  1. Czech Republic: We Domi- “lights out”

  2. Romania: WRS- “Call me”

  3. Portugal: MARO- ‘Saudade, Saudade’

  4. Finland: The Rasmus- ‘Jezebel’

  5. Switzerland: Marius Behr – Boys cry

  6. France: Alvan & Ahez- “Fulenn”

  7. Norway: Subwoolfer- “Give this wolf a banana”

  8. Armenian: Rosa Lynn – “Snap”

  9. Italy: Mahmoud and Abyad – “Privedi”

10- Spain: Chanel- “SloMo”

  1. Netherlands: S10- “De Diepte”

  2. Ukraine: Kalush-“Stefania” Orchestra

  3. Germany: Malik Harris – ‘Rockstars’

  4. Lithuania: Monica Liu – “Sentimentai”

  5. Azerbaijan: Nader Rostamli – “Fades into Black”

  6. Belgium: Jeremy Mackenzie – I miss you

  7. Greece: Amanda Georgiadi Teneford – “We Die Together”

  8. Iceland: Systur- “Með Hækkandi Sól”

  9. Moldova: Zdob si Zdub & Advahov Brothers- ‘Trenule? ul’

  10. Sweden: Cornelia Jacobs – “Hold Me Closer”

  11. Australia: Sheldon Riley – “Not the Same”

  12. UK: Sam Ryder – “SPACE MAN”

  13. Poland: Ochman- “river”

  14. Serbia: Konstrakta- ‘In Corpore Sano’

  15. Estonian: Stefan – “Hope”

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for this part, The European Broadcasting Union has also released the official video for ‘SloMo’.where the full performance will be watched, with the television production to be used in the closing ceremony.

got the video Over 100,000 views on YouTube in its first half hour And Chanel celebrates the enthusiasm of the Spaniards Eurovans: “Spain haven’t won in 50 years, but the Spaniards have that feeling, the passion”.

Tomorrow we will know the final results of this version of Eurovision and whether the predictions have come true or if there has been an unexpected turn.

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