Watford and Essex | News from legendary animation teams with the makers of the Spanish Princess show

Watford & Essex teamed up with legendary American entertainment program planners Emma Frost and Matthew Graham to launch a UK television production company.

The Bristol-based company will create, produce and deliver high-quality programs in the UK and internationally. You will work with participating networks and producers and funders in all markets.

She has a list of 10 TV projects already in development. This includes black comedy dramas. Hello Satan!, Developed by Frost and Graham and being developed with Channel 4; Stirring resonance Amazon From Misha Glenny, BBC Journalist Kirsty Long, Robert Mocha and Ilona Sabo from Agrabi, Brazil; And unnatural youth drama Hot By Cian Ajiunmi-le Perry, it is situated in a garden house in London.

Appointment of Christine Healy as the new Chief Operating Officer; Hailey joined New Pictures, where he has held the position of Head of Production since 2016.

This link is the latest in the myths chain after Spotlight in Spain and Vikram Mutuan in India.

Graham created international success Life on mars I’m writing for the BBC in 2006 Who is the doctor And run SyFy Mini-Series Childhood results. Frost Books on Amazon Man of the high fortress Y Sky Atlantic Mining; He was previously the lead writer for Channel 4. shameless.

The couple formed a limited series of stars Spanish princess In 2019, the second series premiered in October of this year.

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