Watch The Chicago 7 Trial for free on YouTube

Netflix’s Chicago 7 Free Trial on YouTube

If the giant previously offered a free trial month to those who don’t know the service, one of the other methods he typically uses to entice an audience is by offering tickets to specific movies. And the last action they decide to release goes directly to millions of users, and that is, they decide to publish the movie on their YouTube profile Chicago trial 7 So you get a chance to watch it totally free for 48 hours.

Do you already have plans for the weekend

Chicago trial 7

The Chicago 7 Trial tells a story based on real events in which a group of 7 men decide to demonstrate Against the Vietnam War. Their popularity and success with their marches led them to sit in court, where they were charged with plotting against national security.

After some riots at a demonstration in Chicago, they were arrested and tried, which sparked a large number of social conflicts over civil rights and citizen movements, which were not the same after all these actions. Pure American History.

The suggestion to give this movie free also coincides with the celebration of the 51st anniversary of these events, which is why Netflix wanted to share the movie with everyone.

Where can you see? This is in Spanish?

To start watching the movie, just visit the following link, although you will have to log into YouTube to confirm age, as the movie is indexed to people over the age of 12 due to political content and language used. Unfortunately, the movie is only available with the audio in English, since the account that shared the content is a Netflix Global account, not a Netflix Spain account.

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Of course, you can at least select the translations in Spanish, since in the settings wheel you can select them without problems. There is one thing, though, that this way you can also enjoy an actor’s performance to the fullest.

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