Was Rupert Grint Personal?

He started the year in the best way possible thanks to HBO Max that aired on the first Harry Potter interview Which we’ve been waiting for for years. A meeting in which the heroes of the epic –Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Ruper Grint– Get together with the rest of the cast to assess how the years have passed and what memories they have of the eight teenage wizard films. Far from the moments they give us, like Watson’s declaration of love to Tom Felton and the tale connecting Radcliffe to Helena Bonham Carter, the truth is that the bizarre fiasco managed to spread.

The most famous mistake that the audience noticed was that when editing a photo of young Emma Roberts that was attributed to Watson was confused, and also the labels of the names of the actors who played the Wesley twins seemed to change. The confusions can now remain only anecdotal if we consider that there are those who believe that Grint himself He wasn’t a person in the group. welcome? He stuck to the chair because the network theorists saw strange things and believed that the interpreter had been embedded through special effects in the room where he was speaking with his peers. Something that isn’t too farfetched considering that the entire franchise features a great finale cut.

Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe share a snapshot of their “Harry Potter” encounter.


The unknown that revolves around Ron

First of all, when they started talking about meeting “Harry Potter”, during last December, Grint was in Toronto (Canada), where he was filming a futuristic series that Guillermo del Toro signed for Netflix. There it is believed that he could have remotely participated in the reunion. Reason? In HBO Max Special Credits Shows a whole team working from Toronto, Why? An incomprehensible mystery considering the actors were supposed to be in London, UK. 5,700 kilometers separate two technical teams that do not understand each other at a distance.

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This may explain the fact that the only shot we see of the three shows them separately and sitting in an armchair, avoiding any kind of hugs or close contact, which would have made sense in the world had it not been so long ago. They looked. In fact, the failure to record the trio’s reunion – as happened with the representatives of ‘Friends’ a few months ago – may be due to this circumstance that the Internet is now theorizing. There was also no reunification of the entire crew at the same level or group, as all interventions were recorded separately. But that does not explain the location of the scene Watson Way Grint Hermione and Ron Touch. Why does it happen. However, another unknown happens in this department: the actress appears wearing the same “look” and the same nails all over the private… except when she meets Grint, who It appears with a golden enamel, instead of the black that appeared before.

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Was this meeting recorded separately and at another time? There are so many unknowns that, unfortunately, we may never solve.

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