Warm pictures of the dog who spends his days next to his owner’s grave

A dog moves everyone into the nets To spend the night and day next to the grave of its owner. The dramatic scene took place in a cemetery in the city of Saltillo, in the state of Coahuila (northeastern Mexico), where the animal does not leave the place where its master was buried, in Los Pinos Pantheon.

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depending on the programtigers‘, from the series Televisaand the dog lives and sleeps every day next to the grave and The cemetery guards said it has existed since its owner died and was buried.

Course leader Sofia Escobosa explained “from experience” that, If a family member dies, “it is important that the puppy has a chance to smell it, because that way they know that person is not coming back.”That way, they weren’t left waiting for it.

In this case, the animal’s loyalty to its master reminded many in the networks of the story of the Japanese dog Hachiko that His owner waited nine years at the train station, where he received him.

The animal does not leave the place where it was buried.

A dog saved his owner’s life by licking her face

A red Labrador retriever saved his owner’s life when he realized she was having epileptic seizures and was out of breath. He licked her face and saved her from drowning.

Moose, pet of Leanne Reed, a 22-year-old British girl, He realized that his owner was in danger of life, which prompted him to lick her face and nose to make her react and help her breathe again.. The dog has been trained for such situations.

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The young woman suffers from epileptic seizures several times a day And he admitted that he would have died if Moose had not licked her.

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