Want to try Windows 11? This is the perfect time

Windows 11 It was introduced on June 24th but the truth is that Microsoft has been working on its base for several months now. For the past month and a half, Microsoft has been adding features, polishing the interface, and improving the stability of Windows 11. If you want to try out the new operating system from Microsoft, this is probably the perfect time to do so.

Besides the strong debate about the requirements for Windows 11, the truth is that we are facing An operating system that everyone is happy to try. Flexible animation, its sleek modern design, modern features and applications mean Much better user experience than what Windows 10 gave us.

Windows 11 is nearing its final form

The first version released to Windows Insider Program users was 22000.51 Back on June 28. Since that time, Microsoft has released several updates that improve the system and add features. This is the situation Those from Redmond decided to start uploading new versions of Windows 11 to the Beta Channel, which provides more stable and tested software than the Dev Channel (where the first builds landed).

The version was released last week, and 22000.120Supposedly Before and after for Windows 11. Fixed a large number of bugs, and after several days of testing it, I couldn’t find any major bugs. It’s fully functional for everyday use and this will only get better with later Beta Channel releases.

true that Features like Android apps or new updates are yet to come of apps Such as photos, notepad, paint, etc. However, everything we have currently (95% of what comes out in October) is working very well. It’s the perfect time to start testing the latest generation of Windows with minimal risk For the stability of your device.

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How to install Windows 11?

To install the latest version of Windows, you must go to your application session, go to section Windows Insider Program and get ready for beta channel (recommended). You can then restart your computer and Check for updates on Windows Update to receive version 22000.120.

You may receive a warning that your computer is not compatible with Windows 11. Especially if it’s a tower, you may have TPM 2.0 and secure boot disabled. My partner Javier Julix teaches you here How to activate both features. Anyway, you might be interested to see our colleague Álex on the . article Windows 11 متطلبات Requirements and turn on A tool that automatically checks whether you meet the requirements.

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