Want the Red Dead Redemption 2 expansion? The mod made it possible

Life of Crime is the new mode created by CruelMasterMC where you can even create your own character.

who – which Rockstar has focused its entire efforts on GTA 6 It is something we all know, but what surprised many people is This is a great expansion in mod . form Red Dead Redemption 2. called this expansion life of crime It is developed by CruelMasterMC, which publishes its news through NexusMods.

This mode is not only about a simple task package, not at all. It’s a little more than that AmbitionBecause it gives you the possibility Create your own character that will have a skill tree to discover them as you progress through the expansion. It also has very special missions, some of which are Palace burglary or train.

The premise of this situation is that we are prisoners of CSKA prison, from which We have to run away To meet again with someone who will start us in the vast world of the Far West. From there, it opens up a world of possibilities for us to do as we please, either to make money legally or The real outlaw.

according to Pick up PC GamerThere was a more limited version of this mod, but now it is more advanced. He also plans to update This expansion with More missions And prize hunts In the future. Regarding the multiplayer from the title, Red Dead Online will stop receiving major content updates in favor of GTA 6.

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