Wallmapu from Knowledge: 13C launches a documentary series that blends science, knowledge and culture

The six-chapter series was developed by the Explora La Araucanía project through the Public Science Program of the Ministry of Science, with the aim of strengthening the link between research and the dissemination of knowledge.

This Wednesday, June 16 at 10:00 PM at 13C will premiere “Wallmapu from Knowledge”, a documentary series that will take in its six chapters a tour of agricultural ecosystems, wetlands, volcanoes, forests, the sea and the coast of La Araucanía linking the social sciences and humanities Mapuche culture.

Through interviews, animation and engaging graphic presentation that complement the beautiful landscape of the region, this audiovisual production developed by the regional collaborative project Explora La Araucanía, implemented by the UC Center for Local Development in Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Campus Villarrica. It invites us to reflect on understanding our environment from ancestral knowledge and the impact of our actions on the future of our planet.

What are underwater forests? How much biodiversity do the terrestrial forests of La Araucanía hide? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? These are some of the questions raised and answered in Season 1. “The series seeks to surprise, educate and bring young people and adults closer to the natural, social and cultural components of an area of ​​over one million people and an area of ​​31,000 square kilometres,” said Daniel Obazu, Explora La Araucanía Project Manager. .

The series is part of the content produced at the Ministry of Science’s Public Science Program “Open Science”, a tool implemented by all Explora regional projects to enhance the link between research and knowledge dissemination.

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said Rodrigo Tapia, Head of Science and Society, who also highlighted the quality and format of this documentary series.

In addition to the 24 people interviewed, researchers from seven universities in the region took part in the project, realizing a story seeking to promote sustainable development for the regions.

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