Waiting for the final result, the election has left the United States almost completely divided

WASHINGTON: Two days after the midterm elections were closed, the United States was still counting votes, and control of Congress remained indefinitely, pending the closing of the count. But the progress of the count was already enough You paint an almost perfect politically divided country. Democrats and Republicans share the Senate, as well as the House of Representatives. Control of both houses was stabilizing with only a narrow margin of seats.

The new political map left by the legislative elections was a reflection of the deep polarization that characterizes the world’s leading power, and it challenged Democrats and Republicans to work together to secure governance. This was actually one of the first messages President Joe Biden left at his press conference yesterday, when it was already clear that The opposition failed to raise the “red wave”.

“Let me say this, no matter what the final count of this election shows, and the counting still goes on, I’m ready to work with my fellow Republicans“I think the American people have made it clear, I think, that they expect Republicans to be willing to work with me as well,” Biden noted.

On Thursday afternoon, with more than 30 races for House seats still undecided — there were counties in California where more than half of the votes still had to be counted, The Republicans were on their way to winning a majority in the House of Representatives with less than five seatsSimple difference. s The Senate was about to split evenly, with 49 seats for Democrats if their lead is confirmed in Arizona, and 50 seats for Republicans if a recount confirms their interim victory in Nevada. Final control, as in 2020, will be decided in a second round that will determine the final seat in Georgia.

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The new political map and the division of power outlined by the legislative elections left the Democratic Party strengthening despite the fact that it would likely lose the House of Representatives, after an election in which they performed much better than expected. The ruling party arrived with an obvious flaw due to The fragility of the economy, the peak of inflation, the highest in the last 40 years, and Biden with a low level of approval.. Despite the GOP’s advances in Congress, it was embroiled in a bitter internal strife, with the passage of an open-and-forward bill that had a clear recipient: Donald TrumpThe main target of double election night.

Former President Donald Trump (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

“For those people who get a false narrative from the corrupt media that I am angry about the election, don’t believe it. I am not angry at all, I did a great job (I wasn’t racing!) and I am so busy looking to the future. Remember, I’m a “stable genius”Trump posted on his Truth Social.

Republicans are so disappointed that allies of Trump want the businessman to delay the launch of his new presidential nomination. Ahead of the election, Trump promised a “big announcement” at his Mar-a-Lago residence next week.In what is widely expected to be the launch of a new campaign to try to regain the White House. Ron DeSantis’ massive victory in Florida, where he easily secured re-election as governor, established him as the new benchmark for the opposition, able to argue Trump for leadership of the party.

For the Biden administration, the result has left support for the president’s economic agenda and policies, despite the fact that opinion polls and opinion polls have shown that The vast majority of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. Biden promised to stay the course, saying that He does not plan to change “anything” in his government. This determination and deep polarization in the country may end up pitting the White House against much fiercer opposition from Congressional Republicans, who have promised investigations into the administration and into his son Hunter Biden.

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In addition to the better-than-expected election result, the White House received other positive news: Inflation reached 7.7% annually in October, the first noticeable decline this year, which is a much lower number than experts expected. The result was a strong rally in the markets. Inflation was a constant preoccupation in the minds of Americans before the elections, and one of the arguments Republicans used to harass their voters.

Biden took the data as another sign of support for his policies, noting in a statement that the figure showed the country was succeeding in lowering inflation “without giving up all the progress we’ve made in economic growth and job creation.”

“My economic plan is working, and people can see that we are facing global economic challenges from a position of strength. It will take time for inflation to return to normal levels, and we could see setbacks along the way, but we will go ahead and help families with the cost of living.”

I will work with anyone, Democrat or Republican, on ideas to give working families and middle-class families more breathing space. I will oppose any attempt to roll back my agenda or exacerbate inflation. I insist we are on the right track.

The drop in inflation has also opened up the possibility that the Federal Reserve will moderate future interest rate hikes, a potential shift in its rate-taming strategy that would mitigate and potentially ease the rising cost of funding for Americans. Fears of an emerging recession.

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