Waiting for Elden Ring, these are all FromSoftware games ranked from best to worst

The Japanese studio has a very long history and the Souls series is only a very small part of its catalog.

Without a doubt, one of the most influential developers today is FromSoftware , While it was Souls like It became a trend and learned many contemporary games from what they did Hidetaka Miyazaki And his team with the successful ones The epic of souls. However, FromSoftware’s history dates back to Nearly 30 years of video game development Where we’ve seen it all, a wide range of proposals and Games of various kinds for all types of platforms.

The Armored Core franchise is longest-studied with 15 games published.Born as a Japanese office software developer in 1986 It took nearly a decade to arrive King’s field, The first developer game to be released on the first PlayStation V 1994. Since then, a subsidiary of Kadokawa Corporation I tried a lot Role-playing games, fantasy and mechaBeing Basic armored chain The game with the most deliveries, with 15 games published.

In general, in 27 years of history, we can observe A. Tendency to mixed degrees, It has more fame and prestige than its premiere Demon souls In 2009. Now that his fans are looking forward to news Eden Ring, We decided to make a list of all the games from FromSoftware I ordered from best to worst According to the average qualifications of the professional critic.

Most of the scores reported here were obtained from Metacritic The maximum average status of games published on different platforms was respected. It should also be noted that for most pre-2000 games, A. GameRankings File Information To obtain the scores shown in percentages in the table. Likewise, more than a dozen games exclusive to Japan or mobile platforms for which there is no information have been deleted so you can order them in the list.

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POS. Game platform Noticeable
1 Bloodborne PS4 92
2 Sekiro: Shadows die twice PS4, Xbox One, PC 91
3 Dark Souls II PS3, PS4, 360, One, PC 91
4 Dark Souls II: Realm of the First Sin PS3, PS4, 360, One, PC 91
5 Demon souls PS3 89
6 Dark Souls III PS4, Xbox One, PC 89
7 Evil spirits PS3, PS4, 360, One, PC 89
8 Frame grid Dream cast 86%
9 King’s field PSX 82.2%
10 King’s Field II PSX 82%
11 King Field III PSX 82%
12 Otogi: Legend of Demons X-Box 80
13 Autogi 2: Immortal Warriors X-Box 79
14 Armored Core 2 PS2 78
15th The Adventures of Cookie and Cream PS2 78
16 Armored Core 2: Another Era PS2 75
17 The armored core PSX 75%
18 Armored core 3 PS2 74
19 Armored Core: Project Fantasma PSX 74%
20 Armored core: Nexus PS2 73
21 Lost kingdoms GCN 72
22 Armored core: Master of the Ring PSX 70%
23 Enchanted weapons PS3, 360 69
24 Silent Line: Armored Core PS2 69
25 Dracene PS4 68
26 Armored Core V PS3, 360 68
27 Ninja blade 360, pc 68
28 Lost Kingdoms II GCN 68
29 Armored core: Front Formula PSP 66
30 The Armored Core: Judgment Day PS3, 360 66
31 Armored core 4 PS3, 360 65
32 Metal Wolf Mayhem X-Box 65
33 Armored core: to respond PS3, 360 64
34 Kingdom forever (Evergrace II) PS2 64
35 Echo of the night PSX 64%
36 The Eternal Ring PS2 62
37 Nebula: Night Echo PS2 60
38 Kingsfield IV PS2 60
39 Evergreen PS2 59
40 Armadillo core: nine incisors PS2 57
41 Universe PS2 57
42 Shadow tower PSX 49%
43 Marakomo: Rebel Mechanical Pursuit X-Box 48
44 Shadow Assault: Tenchu 360 46
45 Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor 360 38
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