Vulcan Materials warns that blocking operations violates T-MEC

June 17, 2022 | 5:00 pm

Vulcan material Be warned that prevent them operations of production and export, as well as being opposite to Quintana Roo and Mexico, would be contrary to the spirit of the treaty between Mexico, the United States, and Canada (USMCA).

In a statement to the company that operates in Mexico through its subsidiary Sak TonAnd she confirmed that she has committed herself, during all her years of work, to Regulating Permit and licenses required by the three government orders, as well as with environmental impact statements.

Our company has never been part of any corruption case and operates within Mexican and US law on the matter. Before the Mexican government began its smear campaign against Sak Ton, it had never alleged corruption on the part of the company,

It reads as part of a statement signed by Janet Kavinuki, VP of Public Affairs for Vulcan Materials.

The company accused it of doing it recently received media attention As a result of false statements that cast doubt on the legitimacy of operations and its commitment to the environment and Mexico.

“We value our reputation – built over decades – as well as our presence in Quintana Roo and in the country,” the company said.

Vulcan Material has highlighted that for decades, the company has legitimately acquired property Four properties and its reserves of rocks for its development basic activity.

In addition to emphasizing that its operations are a legal activity that has a lot of potential in the country which, like many other countries, is subject to extensive regulation.

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Sac-Tun owns and still has all the permits and permits to operate and develop its activities in Mexico,

insist on.

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Vulcan talks with the government, but warns of danger in operations

The company explained that, at the request of the federal government, it has begun talks to reconcile priorities and government approach With the obligations of the company, as well as the obligations incurred by it with shareholders, employees and customers.

He noted during the talks that they showed Opening To adapt the government’s proposal, as long as Vulcan can continue to provide its customers with the products that make up its core business.

In all of these conversations, the company has been transparent and has informed the Mexican government at all times of its actions,

Referred to.

However, Vulkan warned that Sac-Tun is in danger due to arbitrary measures Taken by the government against the company.

He warned that the risk is not just for the company, but also for direct jobs, tax revenue and long-term viability, as well as setting a precedent. arbitrariness Political and administrative, as well as legal uncertainty.

President Lopez Obrador announced Thursday that the federal government will: stock exchange notification Whereas, Vulcan Materials is listed as “falling” in stock.

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