Vladimir Putin unusually asked his bodyguards every time he went to the bathroom outside

An unusual fact that was known in the past hours and spread on social networks: Members of Russia’s elite Federal Protection Service pack the president’s stool Russian President Vladimir Putin -At his request- during his trips and escorting them to his home in a tight control scheme.

The data was revealed thanks to a report in the French magazine Paris match For two seasoned journalists in Moscow. as detailed, The bodyguards collect Putin’s excrement and put it in some kind of specialized packaging. Later, they kept them in a suitcase and took them to the Russian capital.

The reason is as stated Fox News, it would be related to the fact that the Kremlin leader does not trust that someone can access his health and use that information against him. “While there is a lot of speculation about Putin’s health, intelligence says it is inconclusive.”A source for this outlet.

Russian President and Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin

“Unless you have an incurable disease, Putin is likely to become Russia’s president until 2024 and possibly 2036, as his popularity skyrocketed after the invasion of Ukraine.He then added about the future of the president.

In the Paris magazine report, the same Russian reporters said they found evidence during Putin’s visit to France in May 2017 and to Saudi Arabia in 2019. However, it is not the only source that confirmed the truth. The same way he did it Former BBC journalist.

Farida Rustamova He posted a thread on Twitter confirming that several people he had spoken with in recent years – and who had decided to remain anonymous – had informed him of this. The Russian president carried a portable toilet on his trips abroad “forever”.

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“yesterday Paris match You mentioned that Vladimir Putin is traveling abroad with a special bag. According to journalists of this medium, the bodyguards of the Russian president collect his excrement and deliver it to Moscow. Before, it was organized differently, but in the same strange way”, Rustamova revealed through the social network.

He noted that “most of the time, these types of materials are destroyed,” then added, “However, this was not the case while visiting the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna in 2020. The Kremlin leader went there with his own bath. It’s a private place and it’s the same place you now use on your plane.“.

Regarding the person who gave her the information, the former BBC journalist said he was an “old acquaintance of Putin” and gave more details about his behavior in the bathroom: Usually, their guards also clean the facilities used by the head of state. Even more so when he’s outside.”.

It has been thoroughly cleaned and all traces of poutine removed. It is also checked that there is no impression of your fingerprints if you touch something. All this because a single trace of your DNA can reveal whether you have a genetic disease or have children in other countries.”completed.

Specifically, this latest report was released just one month after US intelligence was informed that Vladimir Putin, supposedly, They are secretly treated for “advanced cancer”.a version the Kremlin has repeatedly rejected.

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