Vladimir Putin is isolated, did not reveal the result of the COVID-19 test and said: “I hope Sputnik V will show a high level of protection”

Vladimir Putin (Reuters)

Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday he hopes to be protected from COVID-19 thanks to the Sputnik V vaccine, after one of his close aides, who was also vaccinated, fell ill, forcing the Russian president to self-isolate.

I hope everything goes as it should, and that Sputnik V really shows a high level of protection against COVID-19Putin said in a video conference with leaders of his party and government broadcast on television.

According to the Russian presidency, Putin, 68, reported his isolation to his Tajik counterpart, Emomali Rajmon, during a phone conversation, after discovering positive cases in his environment.

Putin met Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad shortly before he isolated himself

For his part, a Kremlin spokesman said:The president is in good healthHe added that Putin had been tested for the virus, although the Kremlin did not disclose his result. In addition, she indicated that Putin’s self-isolation “does not change anything, and there is no need to activate any special protocol.”.

The official spokesperson stated that It is known that none of Putin’s close associates contracted the coronavirus, but he avoided mentioning names.

Regarding the meeting that Putin held the day before with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, Peskov noted that the meeting took place before the decision to quarantine was taken. “I can tell you that he met the lion not in the afternoon, but in the morning,” he explained, stressing that “no one’s health was in danger.”


Because of the quarantine he has to keep, the Russian president will participate in it video conference At the leaders’ summits of the Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) to be held this weekend in Dusambi.

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This Monday the Russian President He commented during a meeting in the Kremlin with Russian Paralympic athletes that several cases of COVID-19 infections had been detected in their environment.

It is necessary to understand what is really going on with this. I think I will have to isolate myself soon, we have a lot of patients“Progress.

The Russian president, who was vaccinated against COVID in February (and only revealed he was with the Sputnik V formula months later, in June), has avoided participating in all kinds of face-to-face public events for more than a year and has preferred to hold remote meetings with representatives of the Russian government and institutions.

Although Sputnik has proven highly effective in preventing serious cases of COVID, a low rate of infection between vaccinations (superinfections) has also been reported. They include Argentine President Alberto Fernandez, who tested positive for mild symptoms in April.

(with information from the EFE and AFP)

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