Viva Suecia sets the music for the movie Last Wills

Yesterday Viva Suecia presented her new song: Últimas Voluntades, an original song for the Joaquín Carmona Hidalgo movie from which it takes its title. This release follows the success of his latest album, the fourth of his career, El amor de la clase que sea, and a tour that sold thousands of tickets.

“Ultimas volunes” is an emotional song with great power that travels through shadows and light. Lyrically, it’s a deep song that starts sweetly on an intimate and romantic note, then explodes with energy as all the elements of the production come into play. Powerful and precise drumming cuts through the bleak atmosphere to clear the way for the band’s catchy guitar riffs and “open” pop-rock sound.

Voiced by Rafa Fall, Alberto Cantua, Jess Fabrik and Fernando Campello accompanied by a string quartet consisting of David Davidson (conductor and violin), Janet Darnall (violin), Chris Wilkinson (viola) and Carol Rabinovitz (cello). Their music was recorded by Taylor Pollert at Little Big Studio in Nashville (USA).

“We made it with the love we carry inside and we hope you enjoy it that way, with love,” the group says on their networks.

“We made it happen with all the love we have inside, as we do with every song, and we hope you enjoy it that way, with love,” the band noted on their social networks about a song written in 2021, at Arcadia Music and produced and mixed by Pablo Cibrian .

“Últimas volunes” is part of something precious that we love and admire just as much as music: cinema, says the group, which publicly thanks director Joaquín Carmona Hidalgo, “for giving us this experience.”

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The release date of this feature film shot entirely in the region of Murcia will be announced shortly. Fernando Tejero, Oscar Casas, Neria Camacho, Carlos Santos, Adriana Osores, and Salvador Serrano lead the cast in this action-like drama that tells the story of a father who sets out to win back the love of his son, through whom he left when he was just one year old.

The Murcian production companies “Biopic Films” (Daniel E. Moncho) and “Maskeline, a Visual Foundry” (Alejandro Rios), and the Catalan production company La Charito Films (Diego Rodriguez) are behind this project with the participation of RTVE and La7, and the institutional involvement of the Government of the Region of Murcia. , through the ICA and the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

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