Viva Aerobus, Volaris and Interjet, in the global ranking of terrible airlines

A global ranking by Bounce, a luggage storage company, revealed many The airlines that provide the worst service to users in the world The three Mexicans stand out: Viva Aerobus, Volaris and Interjet.

In fact, the study listed 10 companies. first appearance Air Viva Colombia, followed by Viva EuropeAnd Viva Airlines and the fifth IntergateSputnik reported.

In fourth place was Ireland’s Ryanair. In sixth place, Spain’s Vueling, followed by Easyjet from the United Kingdom, TAP, from Portugal, Ukraine International Airlines, from Ukraine, and finally Swoop from the Caribbean and North America.

The luggage company noticed it Results are based on user complaints About different aviation services.

Among the items rated worse by users are comfort, personal attention, entertainment and carry-on baggage.

Moreover, in the case of Viva Aerobús, The ranking puts it as the worst in Mexico It has a separate diet program on board.

for this part, Volaris has accumulated around 379 passenger complaintsThis is mainly due to the hand baggage limit of 10kg.

It also rated poorly in the category of in-flight dining, customer service, entertainment and comfort, according to the study.

Although not currently in operation, Interjet has received nearly 500 complaints from Bounce passengers over poor service and entertainment.

Only Aeroméxico received a positive rating from Mexican airlines in the ranking, although it had accumulated 365 complaints.

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