VISA and Mastercard are still working with Binance despite regulations to the contrary

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credit card providers, Visa s Master Card Credit CardNo action has yet been taken against the stock exchange.


Binance, the world’s largest stock exchange, looks “hole” internationally. Earlier today, we wrote that the Italian regulator warned users that the exchange is not authorized to operate in this country.

It is the latest among several countries, such as Canada, Japan, Poland and the United Kingdom, to have taken similar measures. Tuesday of this week, Binance Withdrawals in sterling have been suspended after it was blocked by two UK payment services, as a result of British regulators ordering the exchange to cease operations. In addition, the Thai regulatory authority filed a criminal complaint against the exchange a few days ago for providing unlicensed operations in that country, while the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority announced that it would conduct an investigation into Binance.

Cards can be used

But despite all this, good news for stock exchange users: Card Payment Providers Visa s Master Card Credit Card They are still working with her Binance Even though the cryptocurrency exchange is facing the most global regulatory scrutiny in its history, according to a report by financial times.

While the two companies have acknowledged regulatory concerns about Binance, They are closely monitoring the situation, but have not taken drastic measures, according to sources Visa s Master Card Credit Card.

according to Visa, still in dialogue with Binance, While Master Card Credit Card He indicated that he is interested in how the stock exchange reacts to the regulatory situation. Companies do not prevent users from conducting operations in Binance using cards.

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Meanwhile, the banks are like the British البريطاني Barclays Block payments to Binance, as reported last week.

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