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family of United State She was caught in the middle of a devastating hurricane and stayed together until she was able to reach safety, despite incurring heavy losses in her business, her home, and part of her livestock. Despite this horrific experience, everyone is happy to escape unharmed. This is your amazing Date.

“I was just sitting here praying and asking God not to take us.”Sean Stovall, owner of Texoma Boat and RV Storage in Kingston, a town in Marshall County in the US state of Oklahoma, told News4 TV. .

“I was lying on my son, praying for God’s hand for protection, God’s hand for protection, you know, and he’d say, Dad, I don’t want to die.”Stovall added about what he experienced during an EF2 tornado, which is an acronym for Fujita Enhanced Scale used in the North American country to index the estimated strength of hurricanes according to the damage they cause.

Their shelter kept them alive during the typhoon

To get an idea of ​​the scale of the natural phenomenon that Stovall and his family experienced last Monday night, March 21, 2022, an EF2 hurricane would be equivalent to a Category 3 hurricane (179-209 km/h) until it required the low Category 4 (212-217 km/h) hurricane. ) .

The hurricane, which left a trail of 30 miles of damage, destroyed his and his family’s home, as well as his storage business. The Stovalls were originally hiding out in the storm shelter they bought just three weeks ago and entered their home when they thought it was all over.

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The parent said he didn’t hear any whistles and thought the hurricane warning was gone, all of a sudden, his furniture and barbecue were flying in the garden. I yelled to my wife: Go in the back of the house.He said, emphasizing that at that moment when he turned around he saw how his patio door exploded.

Light of hope after chaos and destruction

KOFR’s cameras recorded the damage to his property and home moments after the hurricane passed. A closer look last Wednesday showed boats, trailers and a few jet skis scattered on the ground like toys, as well as metal plates, steel bars and debris strewn across his yard.

Stovall estimated damage in the millions of dollars to both his company and the house behind it, which moved 2 to 3 inches to the east. “If it were 30 feet south, my wife and son would have died now.”He added, explaining that this was the fatal fate of a portion of his livestock.

“I was just trying to figure out how I was going to put the horses I like, you know.”He said while weeping, pointing to the great damage to his barn. Despite everything that has happened, he and his family are grateful for all the help they received from the residents of their community.

However, although he indicates that he is sure they will overcome this setback, his future is uncertain. “It’s just a little weird, you know, you’re just starting to clean up and don’t think about a month from now. You don’t have a home. You live in someone else’s house.”He said, trying to make the saying “bad weather, good face” a reality.

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