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You can’t deny it Spider ManNo room for home It was the film that achieved the highest expectations in 2021, in the particular context of the coronavirus pandemic. With the infection spread worldwide by the Omicron variant, the movie was shown in cinemas that were crowded with fans of the spider superhero. However, to the delight of millions of fans around the world, there were also not some scenes of people’s bad behavior, as happened in a room in United State Which was completely soiled with popcorn, papers and other products whose pictures are become a trend From social networks how tik tok.

A disaster in the cinema after the successful premiere

Screenshots shared from the account Tweet embed Show what the room was once a movie “Speedy” It’s over and the assistants left the famous series room Cinemark Quite a few were shocked, questioning the level of hygiene.

For starters, the floor is covered Popcorn, pieces of paper It is believed to have been used as colored scraps, as well as what they called a Giant Confetti Cannon Left by the stairs.

Look how cinema was after the movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home”

The video shows the employees of this company waiting for the room to be cleaned, knowing by their expressions that it will be a daunting task: “No way”Heard one say.

Users are angry at fans’ behavior

In fact, once the user announced that the aforementioned disaster occurred during a check “Spider-man: No Way Home”, not a few users tik tok They were more than uncomfortable with the behavior of the fans.

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“It’s not because your job is to clean up, it doesn’t give you the right to make such a mess. I always throw out trash no matter where it is. Ethics”And “People who are the ‘not my job’ type, really, are the most disgusting and dirtiest and then get annoyed when you call them”.

“Spider-man: No Way Home”, a smashing success at the box office

Others offered tips on how to make the toilet in that room more bearable: I’ll charge an extra $10 per credit card. You guys need to step up after this or take a risk when a great movie like this is shown.”.

Once the comments have finished their turn, the user who shared the video (who Gathered more than 1.8 million views) replied as follows: “I want to make it clear that I love my job and that wasn’t a complaint, I just thought it was fun enough to share”.

When was the movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home” released?

The world premiere of this movie by marvel, which was expected by thousands of fans around the world, was Wednesday 15 December And in most of the countries it airs, the tickets were sold out several weeks ago due to all the speculations that resulted from the rumors that were finally confirmed.

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