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At the end of April, Netflix announced that it was looking for an actress to play Catherine of Cambridge in the series The Crown and in tik tokAt the moment, they already have the ideal. This is user Brittany Dixon, who looks exactly like the Duchess and was convinced to pass it. Know all the details Date What has been done Widely.

Brittany Dixon An illustrator living in Queensland, Australia, she is very active on TikTok, sharing her artwork with her followers. In addition to his work, some users have focused on the physical similarity he has Catherine CambridgeThe wife of Prince William.

last April 26, Revealed that Netflix is ​​looking for a file “Exceptional Young Actress as Kate Middleton” In the sixth season. “This is a good role for this famous drama. We are looking for an actress who has a strong physical likeness.”reads the presentation.

The news prompted a follower of Brittany Dixon to tag her in a post that mentioned the call, and in no time hundreds of users encouraged her to apply.

Tweet embed Reply to @justforfun24770 OK U are they all really bullying me for doing this 💘😂😂😂 #Kate Middleton #Netflix #the crown # O Lord Tweet embed #fyp ♬ A Thousand Miles – Baby Laroy

The painter sent an application for the role of Catherine from Cambridge

in the data for The Australian painter admitted that she initially took the comparisons as a “beautiful compliment” but “ignores them”. However, he ended up accepting because he had “never experienced this level of support from complete strangers”. “It was beautiful,” he said.

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To the delight of her more than 107 thousand followers, Brittany Dixon revealed in a video that she has applied for the role of Katherine from Cambridge.

I ended up moving forward. They just wanted a selfie, background information, and a 30-second video talking about something I love.” Dixon said in the video, which garnered more than 681,000 views. “Obviously I’m talking about painting.”

Her father is British and “loves” the crown

Brittany Dixon is a follower of The Crown, a series that is set to premiere its fifth season in November of this year.

I love the movie The Crown. People are very involved. I feel like what the show does really well is take a look at the world of royalty, and they portrayed it in a captivating way. You really have the feeling of being in this world with the family.”he said in statements to .

Born to a British father, the painter obtained her English passport a few days ago and said she plans to travel to the UK in June this year with her sister and friend.

Things in common with Catherine Cambridge

Besides physical similarity, the Australian and Katherine from Cambridge share common tastes. The Duchess has a degree in Art History from the University of St Andrews in Scotland and is an outstanding photographer according to the medium above. Meanwhile, Dixon owns an online art store where he sells his paintings.

Specifically, the Australian said if she had a chance to meet the Duchess, she would talk about art.

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