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It’s already common that in Twitter And on other social networks, amazing facts are shared, which are hard to believe. Specifically, what caught the attention of many users was the only statement the economics professor put on the exam. Every detail of his actions Widely They are here.

What the teacher did was known by one of her students, whose name is Carol. She, through a post on her personal account for Twitter (), Exactly on April 22 of this year, he reported what he had been on his test.

It turns out that in the test, the teacher put a word game on one of the sentences. In the image released by the user, it appears that the hero of one of the exercises is ‘Benito Camillas’. For those who don’t understand the joke, if we distribute the syllables of the whole name differently and change the spelling a little, we get “Come and touch Share”. This phrase is well known among young people.

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“My economics teacher, 60 years old, tried to be funny on the exam”, It reads in the description of the shared image in Twitter. “And he succeeded”The student wrote in another post.

Thousands of users from Mexico, the United States, and Spain were shocked when reading the single statement, because they had never imagined that a teacher could do something similar. The image that we mention is already spread on various social networks.

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