Viral: A young couple buys a house and surprises everyone with what they found (VIDEO)

The case of a young couple who invested all their savings in a house recently became a trend on TikTok

for several weeks in Tik Tok Elevator, moon, or butterfly trends are going viral. But they aren’t the only popular videos right now.

The case of a young couple who invested all their savings in a house recently became a trend on TikTok. the surprise This came as they began to investigate the different rooms of the house.

What did they find in the kitchen?

When the couple bought a house in it Worcestershire, UKThey never imagined that they would find a real treasure in the kitchen itself: the house has a water well 20 metres.

The couple appreciates that The history of the water wells dates back to 1897. They quickly looked for the magnet and began to see what was at the end of the well. The couple’s video has been filled with thousands of likes and comments as they assure them they must do something to save that well of water.

“No no, I would never stay there after I found that,” “With all the horror movies I’ve seen, I recommend closing it down permanently” and “Imagine all the missing people out there” were some of the comments the post received.

History of water wells

Oldest water wells ever found Syria and Cyprus, with a diameter of about two meters and a depth of four meters, and was excavated more than nine thousand years ago; The second, about 10 meters deep, was created over 10 thousand years.

What did the ancient wells look like?

The first wells were simple boreholes with no landslide protection that did not hold up over time and disappear. The number of wells ages from Copper, bronze and ironwhich can be found throughout Europe.

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