Village confirms upcoming free downloadable content and will continue to terrify gamers in 2022

Capcom keeps its promise and will continue to add content to one of the most successful Resident Evils.

It would be the return of a great privilege, the strain of his argument or the introduction of Mrs. Demisescu, but, whatever the case, Resident Evil 8: The Village He was complete success for Capcom. after, after Reaching a new stage in sales, the developer will continue to press the capabilities of this delivery and confirm the arrival of Upcoming free downloadable content, which we will see sometime 2022.

Resident Evil and Monster Hunter boost Capcom’s salesAs announced a few months ago, Capcom has listened to the community and started working on the creation Expansions They delve into Resident Evil 8: Village. Now, to the players’ delight, the developer is commenting on Your last tax report That this DLC will be completely free, so that all users who own the game can return to its terrifying atmosphere to enjoy new aspects.

However, it should be noted that the nature of these DLCs has not been confirmed, so it could mean introducing new scenarios or, in the worst case, Simple Extras Which doesn’t add much to the argument. At the end of the day, we are talking about free content, although we should not lose hope of seeing interesting news regarding its story or gameplay.

so and with More news will be announced Until the end of October, Resident Evil 8: Village is side by side Monster Hunter: Stories 2 like a game Most successful From Capcom, because they are titles Boost their income Atrocity. If you are still not sure why this title is so praised, you can always come back to our site Resident Evil 8: Village Review, which we consider delivery More diverse and exciting privilege. But, if you prefer to form a direct opinion, always You can download his demo, which will be available until October 31.

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