Videos: ‘Extraordinarily large’ meteor lights up Norway’s skies and causes mighty roar


25 July 2021, 21:33 GMT

Specialists believe that the space object may have crashed near Oslo, in a wooded area.

An “unusually large” meteor surprised residents of southern Norway this Sunday by briefly dominating the sky Light show and rumbling sound Before the seemingly alien object crashes near Oslo, reach Reuters.

The first reports of sightings emerged in the early morning in and around the Norwegian capital. Several security cameras captured this phenomenon from multiple places and the videos were widely disseminated on the Internet.

Pictures taken in Oslo show a Fireball falling from the sky And it grows until it explodes when it touches the ground. In the cities of Holmstrand and Trondheim, witnesses also saw a bright flash that lit up the cities.

Specialists who analyzed the graphic material in an attempt to determine its source and place of impact indicate that it crashed in a large forest area called Finnemarka, located about 60 kilometers from the capital. However, no trace has yet been found and the search missions could take up to 10 years.

It is estimated that the meteor traveled at a speed of 15-20 kilometers per second, illuminating the sky for about six seconds. “What we saw last night was a large rock that was probably traveling between Mars and Jupiter, which is ours asteroid belt. When entering at full speed, [a la Tierra]Leave a roar and light and great affection between us [los científicos] Expert Morten Billett commented on this.

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Some eyewitnesses also claimed that they felt a stronger gift and that the phenomenon also caused a pressure wave. However, local authorities did not report damage or injuries related to the event.

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