Video: The UK’s ambassador to Colombia makes pancakes

Pancakes are one of the traditions of many Colombian families in the month of December. Because the accompaniment with custard, make novenas and good night, something very special.

Making pancakes is an art. Well, if the correct technique is not known, then everything can end in disaster because the dough can burst when put in the oil, the consistency cannot be perfect or even end up with deformed pancakes.

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We all know that family member who fails in their attempt to make pancakes and they come up with different, less circular ways. Someone who has something similar happen to him despite being in the country for a very short time is the UK’s new ambassador to Colombia.

It comes to George Hodgson who showed through social networks how he did his first attempt at making pancakes. Like many Colombians, the ambassador fails in the attempt and gets completely deformed and even Siamese pancakes.

“For the first time ever making pancakes for 🎄 #UKCOL nothing caught fire and we made unique shapes… share with me pictures of your ‘special’ pancakes,” Ambassador Hodgson wrote.

Below is a video and photo of the British Ambassador’s pies:

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