Video, photo: they capture the moment the International Space Station passes in front of the sun creating a ‘cloud effect’


June 26, 2021 19:16 GMT

The entire transit of the International Space Station through the photosphere lasted 0.55 seconds.

Miguel Claro, a Portuguese photographer who specializes in taking pictures of space, Participate In their social networks, a video and several photos of the International Space Station passing in front of the Sun, creating in its path the effect of a cloud or a belt. All ISS traffic It only lasted 0.55 seconds.

In the pictures, you can see the International Space Station in great detail, using files Well visible solar panels In front of the Sun’s surface, the granular structure of the solar photosphere is also evident.

According to the specialist, “the silhouette of the International Space Station is empty due to the reflection of the image,” an effect with which it seeks to “better reveal the details of the surface.”

“Only the fast shutter of a camcorder set to a high frame rate can be captured This rare moment that happens in the blink of an eye.”Photographer Books.

Of course, who took the photos on June 6 in Redondo, Portugal, said he was “very satisfied” with his achievement, according to daily Mail.

“I calculated the speed of the ISS using the Transit Finder website and then started trying to find a good field where I could position myself near the central transit route,” the photographer explained.

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