Video of two young men brutally beaten after leaving the bar: One left unconscious – Police

The horrific physical assaults on two young men, which almost ended in tragedy, occurred at dawn on Sunday in Cali Italia between San Martin and Spain, in the city of La Paz, half a block from the main square, where a group of young people were. People would follow and join two other boys at the exit of a tavern on the corner of Moreno.

Also, in the video that spread on social media, two young men are on the ground, one of whom is unconscious, while his partner is being violently attacked with punches and kicks on his body and head.
According to the police chief: Peace Newspaper He was able to learn that the assailants were three unidentified young men until now, but they are investigating security videos and witness contributions to clarify the truth.

Two young men brutally beaten at the exit of a bar in La Paz

The young man, who ended up unconscious in the middle of the street, was taken by ambulance to 9 de Julio Hospital. Fortunately, the two young men sustained only minor injuries.
Hours later, the two young men who had been severely beaten appeared at the department’s headquarters and filed the corresponding complaint.

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