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The Pope Francisco He tends to show his charisma in every interaction he has with the tourists who visit him. Vatican.

An example of this is The video went viral And it has the Holy Father as a hero. The photos were recorded last week as the general public who led it walked out.

The priest Joao Paulo Soto VictorFrom Paraiba Brazil, Approach the Supreme Pontiff and He has asked for it Pray for the Brazilian peopleBut he received an unexpected response.

In Portuguese, Francisco replied “No, you have no salvation (no, ustedes no tienen salvación)“He shakes his head, and immediately marks one part in Portuguese and one part in Italian.”muita cachaça e niente preghiera (A lot of cachaça and a little prayer) ”.

After the initial surprise, he was immediately seen in the short video as a Brazilian priest Celebrate the joke with the pope laughing That immediately appeals to a soulful salutation by touching his head.

The video was quickly circulated over a file Social media And it had a huge impact on me BrazilEven the memes are made about the funny moment.

However, some criticism surfaced and the mayor of Rio de JaneiroEduardo PaisThey were consulted about what happened. He explained that the pontiff’s words should be taken as a joke in a moment of relaxation. The Pope loves the Brazilian people. “And the Repeat Pais.

He also remembered his visit to the city. Brazil In 2013 it became the first country the Pope visitedDuring the International Youth Day held in Rio de Janeiro, which ended with a mass on the shores of Copacabana, more than three million people attended.

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Look at the Pope’s joke

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