Victor Hugo Morales at the Qatar 2022 World Cup and the astonishing claim he made

anticipation of the debut of Argentine national team In the Qatar World Cup 2022 It is total, and many rapporteurs came to the Arab country to convey the passage of those he leads Lionel ScaloniPreferred badge holders South america Next to Brazil.

This is the situation Victor Hugo Moraleswho was not going to miss a follow-up opportunity Cyan and white As on previous occasions, from Already settled in Qatar to fulfill their own obligations and He openly told his first feelings regarding his stay.

curiously, The first fact that caught his eye was how hot this country was., something that has already been mentioned on several occasions. until, Some athletes have developed symptoms of the common cold due to temperature changes between closed spaces and public roads.

“It’s a strong topic, fortunately autumn has begun. If we’ve arrived in the summer, the heat knocks you right outsaid the rapporteur.

The main concern of Victor Hugo is his work with sound. “You have to face the heat and the air. Either you die from the heat or you die from the cold. It’s a very serious problem for those of us who work with voice. “I will solve it little by little,” the journalist said.

Qatar prices: another topic

shortly after his arrival As Victor Hugo mentioned the prices of Qatar. “They have been modified according to the international system. I think the most expensive restaurants double the values“I still didn’t dare, but I will definitely go,” said the journalist.

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Finally, the rapporteur noted that this country is “dazzling”. “It’s not all concentrated here, however There are amazing buildings with futuristic architecture. This is a new country, and no one must have been more fortunate than an architect who has worked building Qatar since 1995 he declared.

Regarding the local football culture, Victor Hugo concluded: “I think the World Cup shouldn’t have been held here, it’s part of FIFA’s corruption.”.

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