Venom 2: LEGO introduces an official bust of Carnage

Poison: Hyper Matanza Preparing to debut in Spanish cinemas the next day October 8, 2021, Although it will be released in the US in September. While fans wait to enjoy this continuation of the movie starring Tom Hardy, another character prepares to delight viewers: Cletus Cassady / The Massacre, With an explanation Woody Harrelson. Where Puzzle Games They have participated Formal bust From this villain made with his signature pieces, and It shares many similarities with Carnage’s storyboarding. It will be available on May 13 at $ 60.

Poison: Hyper Matanza Laying the foundation for the massacres

After his human form appeared in the original movie by Poison (2018), the next look of Woody Harrelson With the arrival of Cletus Kasady / Carnage Hebr Mtanza this year; Film directed by Andy Serkis Replace Robin Fleischer, who had to take command Zombieland: Kill and finish. The Carnegie character came to storyboard readers from the writer’s hand David Michelinie And artist Mark Bagley, For the first time in The Amazing Spider-Man # 361 In April 1992.

This happens al The first jump to the big screen From this evil Spider-Man, since then Puzzle Games They did not miss the opportunity to unveil the first piece dedicated to the character. With His red, curly eyebrowsA prominent jaw full of fangs shows shape The look of carnage is very similar to that in the comics. Is a tampon 546 LEGO Pieces And its length is about 17 cm.

It should be noted that This LEGO design doesn’t have to match Carnegie’s design in the sequel. The producer only refers to Marvel in general terms, without any direct reference to the movie. However, in his description, we can read the following: “It provides fans of Marvel movies and modeling enthusiasts a very rewarding challenge.”

A few months ago we were able to enjoy the first photos of Harrelson on set Poison 2With a new haircut and Hawaiian shirt. We’ll have to wait until October to check if the character appears in the movie. In the cast we also find Michelle Williams, Naomi Harris, Stephen Graham, Red Scott and Peggy Law.

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