Venezuelans with a visa to Canada or the United States will be able to enter Mexico

CARACAS – US immigration law attorney Vicente Perez has made it clear that Venezuelans who enter Mexico and have a US or Canadian visa will not require documents to enter Aztec territory.

“Anyone who has a US or Canadian visa who has a waiver, is exempt from applying for that visa to get into Mexican territory,” Perez said.

The specialist explained that the cost of applying for a visa is $47, and that there are no “restrictions or restrictions” for anyone.

As for the visa application costs, it does not reach 50 dollars, it is 47 dollars. The application is not expensive, nor is it complicated as long as one can show economic solvency; Pay the corresponding consular fee and proceed to do the visa thing.

Starting Friday, Mexico will require a visa for Venezuelans

As of Friday, January 21, Mexico began requiring a visa from Venezuelans wishing to enter its territory, and this measure seeks to prevent the flow of irregular immigration into the United States. Mexican authorities reported that more than 44,000 Venezuelans traveled through Mexico “irregularly to a third country”.

One of the requirements to apply for a visa is to prove that the person has economic solvency in Venezuela. Additionally, “it shows that you have approximately $2,500, which is an amount that should be reflected on a bank statement,” confirmed attorney, Vicente Perez.

Caracas Newsroom.

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