Venezuelan Alejandro Hidalgo was named Best Director at the prestigious Porto International Film Festival

He received an award for the film “The Exorcism of God”, which was a box office success.

politeness | Hidalgo is a reference in the urgent horror genre with many hits

Venezuelan screenwriter, producer and director Alejandro Hidalgo, director of The House of the End of Time and The Exorcism of God, won the Best Director award at the 42nd edition of the prestigious Porto International Film Festival.

Directors such as Luc Besson, David Cronenberg, the Wachowski Sisters, Guillermo del Toro, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, David Fincher, Andres Moschetti and Danny Boyle were among the award-winning filmmakers at this festival.

Hidalgo is the first Venezuelan to appear on the list for his film The Exorcism of God.

The official selection for this year’s “Fantasy Film” was made by the films: “xxxHolic”, “Follow It”, “Sometimes in the Dark”, “Home”, “Vortex the dawn of Sovereignty”, “SoulPark”, “Unburied Corpse”, “Doyster,” “2049: Effects of a Hedgehog,” “The Good Father,” “Alchemy of the Soul,” among others; Being “The Exorcism of God” is one of the most memorable films along with “Florha”, the work received the Best Picture award.

In Venezuela, “The Exorcism of God” has been watched by more than 80,000 viewers, thus becoming not only the highest-grossing Venezuelan film in the past five years, but also the second highest grossing national horror film, surpassing “El Silbón: Origins” and behind “House of the end of time.”

Achievements made during a lack of theater attendance, as a result of biosecurity measures by COVID-19, and the economic crisis.

The Exorcism of God has also been listed as the second highest-grossing horror film in Latin America so far in 2022.

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In Mexico, the film was watched by more than 600 thousand spectators, and 400 thousand in Brazil. The film has also been released in select theaters and digital platforms in the United States by Lionsgate Studios and Saban Films.

In its wake, Venezuelan director Alejandro Hidalgo achieved box office successes, becoming a reference for the leading horror genre in Venezuelan cinematography. His new film “The Exorcism of God”, after being distributed in more than 155 regions, has become the most distributed Venezuelan film in the world.

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