Venezuela has asked Judge Velina to release the seized plane in Ezeiza

On Monday, June 6, Amtrasur landed in Aziza.

Amtrasur asked Federal Judge Federico Villina this morning to return the plane, which has been impounded at Ezeiza Airport since Wednesday, June 8. Through a lawyer, a subsidiary of Conviasa accompanied the documents on board.

Before determining the status of the plane, Judge Villina wants to analyze the new requirements of Attorney General Cecilia Encardona, scheduled for the next few hours.

After receiving the FBI report This confirms the direct link between the pilot of the Amtrasur aircraft, Gholam Reza Qasemi, with the Quds Force, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps specialized in intelligence operations, and with Hezbollah.Vilina ran at the sight of the prosecutor “to determine the procedural object.” The new accusation may include some figures linked to terrorism.

Instead, there is no convincing evidence yet for the other four Iranians and fourteen Venezuelans. “Passports are all original”, This method was confirmed by the source of the investigation. in this way is relative The statements of the Paraguayan Minister of Intelligence, Esteban Aquino, who questioned the identity of the assistant pilot, Mehdi Moseli.

Who are the other members of the Qeshm Air Show Board of Directors? There we find surprises. Who is the co-pilot of the plane? Is the co-pilot’s family name correct or not? Because we know that sometimes they change the name and when they have a passport here or there sometimes they change ‘H’, ‘J’, ‘L’…It’s a common procedure sometimesAquinas said.

Phones and tablets were seized a week ago at the Canning Hotel (Maximilian Luna).
Phones and tablets were seized a week ago at the Canning Hotel (Maximilian Luna).

In one week, Judge Velina ordered about 60 tests taken. Many of them have not yet made it to court. The judge is waiting Final report on phones and tablets confiscated from the crew. Initial reports so far have not yielded convincing evidence for the file. The analysis of the plane’s “black boxes” is also pending.

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The lawyer representing the crew members, Hernan Carluccio, had already denounced the officials involved in the operation and asked to be admitted as a plaintiff on file. The central argument of this show was that “public security officials acted without warning the competent judicial authority and even less without mediating any kind of judicial order enabling them to search the foreign-flagged aircraft.”

Venezuelans are waiting for a definition of justice so that they can return to their country.
Venezuelans are waiting for a definition of justice so that they can return to their country.

The Boeing 747-300 departed from the airport of Queretaro (Mexico) on June 5, but stopped in Caracas (Venezuela) before arriving in Buenos Aires.

On Monday, 6, after another forced stop in Cordoba for two hours, the plane landed in Ezeiza and the goods were reviewed by the Argentine customs authorities with special interest due to the presence of alerts from international agencies.

Two days later, it was reviewed again in a joint operation by PSA, PFA and Customs at the Argentine Cargo Terminal (TCA). To carry out these controls, trace detectors were used, dogs specialized in the search for explosives and narcotics were sent, as well as some pallets of the respective cargo were sent randomly for observation by X-ray machines; The said controls resulted in a negative result in terms of the presence of the prohibited items,” as detailed in the PSA report before Federal Judge Federico Villina.

On Friday the 10th, around 7:00 p.m., when the scandal had already surfaced due to a request for information from Representative Gerardo Melman, there was another PSA audit inside the plane, in the presence of the crew.

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