Valorant uses audio monitoring to stop a years-long problem

Riot Games wants to test technology that will help evaluate reports of toxic behavior.

brave It continues to entertain a good handful of players, but it doesn’t finish eliminating one of the game’s biggest problems: toxic behavior Some members of your community. Riot Games She has previously expressed her commitment to this eternal battle and has been involved in a good range of initiatives that will try to put an end to this kind of situation.

Voice monitoring will begin in North America on July 13Although he actually dropped it at the time, Riot Games is now talking to us directly about monitoring our conversations with the team, which according to the approach presented in web page“We will be allowed Register and rate In-game audio communication when reporting such behavior.” As expected, this caused the developer to make new requests in Privacy Notice and Terms of Servicewhich we must accept if we want to continue to enjoy the game.

With a new tool, Riot Games will begin some initial monitoring tests from July 13 In North America, though it is expected, if this technology is developed, it will eventually spread to the rest of the world. In addition, it is important to note that these are the first reviews Will not be used to evaluate complaints for negative behaviors, as we’ll see that in a future beta.

Furthermore, Valorant was also studying Bring your FPS experience to the world of consolesAs per job offer. If you want to learn more about the game, keep in mind that partner Mario Gomez wrote in Valorant’s analysis that “the games are long and everything is designed to inform, work and focus on what really matters: A few bullets hit the heads of the enemies“.

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