Valorant comes to smartphones, the game from the creators of LoL

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It’s been a year since he arrived valuation, the new game from Riot Games, creators League of LegendsAnd something completely different from what we’ve been used to until then. right Now, valuation It will also reach phones and mobile devices.

valuation It is a tactical first-person action game and “heroes”; That is, a tactical first-person shooter with characters with special abilities, in the style of other games like Note and watch, but with differences in gameplay and map design. Until now valuation It was only available to play on PC, but that’s about to change, as Riot games have announced that their title will eventually make the transition to other platforms.

These platforms are mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets. According to the game’s officials, one of their goals was to “earn the trust and respect of the community of FPS players around the world, and show them that valuation It is a competitive game that deserves shooting and tactics.” Now, they want to bring this experience to more players. With that, they will undoubtedly try to come close to competing with very successful games on mobile platforms, such as Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG and maybe even It is an electronic game.

They haven’t announced yet when it will be available for smartphones, or whether it will hit the two most important platforms (iOS and Android) from day one, or just one. We’ll have to wait for more details, but it’s an interesting game that will undoubtedly benefit from having more potential players.[via[vía[عبر[víaGSMArena]

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