Valheim’s games sold in a month exceeds 5 million and the studio is sharing intriguing stats

Created by only 5 developers, Vikings Adventure is a hit of 2021 and its developers are mired in success.

He was expected to see the direction he was heading Valhaim. Practically every week we gave the news that three s four One million games were sold in a few weeks. Now from Coffee Stain Studios Confirmed that Vikings adventure The game everyone’s talking about has surpassed five million games sold in just one month.

Valheim was developed by five people and is still in Early Access“The Valkyrie transported more than five million souls to Valheim to discover ancient treasures, sail the wild seas, and secure the tenth Scandinavian world,” as stated in The studio release was released via Steam, Which also accompanies it Strange statistics obtained during these weeks. Remember, the game has been available in Early Access since February 2.

  • Valheim has been played for over 15,000 years
  • More than 35 million hours of the game were watched on Twitch
  • It’s 39th highest user-rated games in Steam history

They also jokingly confirmed that a team Five people created the game Which continues to provide support through remote work, it has been excited to see users enjoy Valheim, which indicates that for every million games sold there is one person in charge of the game.

Additionally, they point out that “there are new and exciting milestones to come,” while also indicating that they are keen to show more of the game as they progress through the game. Planned roadmap for 2021, As the content will be added to the game it is in Early access He still has a long way to go; So very soon we may talk about six million players or more. And it also has Beat player records simultaneously. What are the keys to your success? We explain it to you in this report.

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