Valentine’s Day versus Valentine’s Day and Friendship: The Difference?

This holiday celebrates the love between spouses and friends, but not everyone celebrates the 14th or February. Photo: GettyIMages

Although February 14th is known as the day that commemorates St. Valentine’s dayOne of the three holy martyrs who lived in ancient Rome and may have been executed in the time of the Roman Empire, it is also known that lovers and friends are celebrated, but There is a difference?

  • In fact it is only found on the days of celebration And rituals, parties or gifts that are offered in different parts of the world, because The goal is the same as celebrating love.

Valentine’s Day is believed to be the patron saint of lovers because Emperor Claudius II prohibited the celebration of weddings so that men would be available for war. In defiance of this decree, Saint Valentine is said to have been a priest who secretly married husbands.

The emperor found out and ordered the death penalty. St. Valentine’s day Headless A. died February 14Therefore, this day is celebrated.

This day is also known as Day of love and friendship, Which is a feast to celebrate Love Between spouses and among friends, however It is not celebrated all over the world on the same day, this is the difference.

Valentine’s Day is usually Western, because it dates back to Germanic Europe (including the United Kingdom), where it moves to the United States and there to many parts of the world.

February 14th is celebrated at:

Mexico, The “Day of Love and Friendship It is celebrated by showing affection for people who love each other. This is often done by gifting flowers, especially roses, candy and balloons, to couples. Many places also offer small gifts or greeting cards to their customers.

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Street vendors often fill streets and corners with balloons and bouquets of flowers.

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HArgentina: Here it is called “St. Valentine’s day” And even when it is customary to give details, letters, flowers, and chocolates, there is too “Friends Day” And sweet week, where sweets are usually presented as gifts … And kisses.

In Costa Rica: Gifts are also commonplace, but in the evenings the couples usually have a romantic dinner.

In Cuba: Also known as “St. Valentine’s day” With the tradition of giving gifts and flowers to the couple on this day.

In the Dominican RepublicCall on February 14th to Dress in red or pink.

Ecuador, Spain, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Chile and Panama are also celebrated in February.

The United States, especially in New York Every February 14th 10 unique weddings Of the year in Empire State Building. Only 10 couples can marry on the 86th floor.

at Japan, “St. Valentine’s day” The women are the ones who give the chocolate For men, be it their family, friends, or co-workers. For the man who is loved by women, she offers him their favorite chocolate, and as a form of gratitude, the men return the favor a month later, on March 14th, when they usually give white gifts, such as white chocolate and white marshmallows.

In Denmark and Norway, Were sent ”GeekPrevAny love letters with funny rhymes. The funny thing is that each vowel of the sender’s name will be replaced with a period; If you can find out who sent it to you, You will receive an egg as a gift on Easter, Thus the door opened for the first appointment.

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In Germany it is about Give a pig As an image of chocolate or in a thumbnail, which It means luck and lust.

in Philippines, Thousands of couples Get together on Valentine’s Day to get married in the same place and say together the famous “Yeah”


In Bolivia the so-called Day of love and friendship The September 21. It is the first day of spring and traditional couples and weddings exchange flowers, gifts and cards.

In Colombia, it is also celebrated in September, The third SaturdayBut also in some parts of the country they celebrate twice on February 14th. Colombians lost nothing, did they?

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at Brazil “Dia dos Namuradus” (wedding day) is June 12th, in memory of Saint Anthony of Padua. It is celebrated on this date, as February is the month in which Carnival is celebrated.


at Egypt It’s the fourth of November.

In China it was already there Qi Qiao Ji (Skills Demonstration Day), celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar.

Regardless of the month or day, lovers, friends and spouses express their love, whether in February, September or June, on the 14th or 21st, the celebration of love and friendship will continue every year.

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