Valentine’s Day: Google has chosen to draw a traditional doodle

Google doodles

Word Doodle means “doodle”. HThe origin of these successful logos was, in a way, accidental. In 1998, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were preparing to attend Burning Man Festival (In English, Burning Man Festival), an annual event celebrated in the state of Nevada, USA, and culminating in a ritual consisting of burning a wooden statue in the shape of a man.

Paige and Sergey decide to modify the Google slogan to communicate Sympathy with users That during those days they will be “out of the office”. For this, they placed a doll character behind the second “o” of the logo, according to Muy Interesante.

How long has Google doodles?

Since the year 2000 when the Day of Breaking into the Bastille is remembered to the present day, thousands of doodles have been bringing life to the search engine page.

A team of illustrators called doodlers is responsible for designing the illustrations And animations, although they also provide an email address where users can submit their suggestions.

The most famous doodles

In 2020, on the 20th anniversary of doodle generation on its homepage, Google released a space cartoon with a love bond with a traditional letter in the middle of an interstellar affair.

Space doodles for 2019

In 2019, instead, the search engine I had used animations of little insects paired with hearts forming, Reflecting that love can arise from even the smallest of creatures, then they explained.

Animated valentine logo drawing in 2019

Over the years, he made various decorations in very different styles: from the simplest, to romantic motifs, and with animal statues. Valentine’s Day doodles can be seen here.

Animated doodles

In 2012, the company also selected animation

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