Vaccination against Covid will speed up e-commerce by 38% in Mexico

Mexico City /

The rapid vaccination process taking place in the country will accelerate the growth of e-commerce.o 38 percent in the next three months, envision an e-commerce platform in Latin America, Tendinope.

In a virtual press conference, Juan Martín Vignaert, Trendenube’s Country Director for Mexico, confirmed that the regions with higher growth will continue Mexico City, State of Mexico, Jalisco, Nuevo Leon and Quintana Roo.

“Taking into account the correlation with the mobility index for Mexico and immunization, in Tierenube Mexico a 38 percent growth is expected for the next few months,” he said.

While, Over the next 15 years, the platform predicts e-commerce growth of up to 90 percent In the country with retail sales, the manager added.

To date, Trendenube works with more than 85,000 merchants and entrepreneurs in the region with access to world-class technology that allows them to create a digital sales channel.

in Mexico, 66 percent of stores built with the platform correspond with small businessesWhile 33 percent is average.

To complement the service currently offered, Ualá, a technology company in the financial sector, said people are looking for payment alternatives that offer a fast, reliable and contactless experience.

He lamented that nearly 50 per cent of the population does not have access to the financial system; Therefore, society needs technological solutions that provide financial services.

“In just six months of operation in the country, we have been able to issue more than 100,000 cards, of which 70 percent are from users outside the metropolitan area and Mexico City, enabling more and more people in areas away from the main areas,” explains Ricardo Olmos, Country Director at Ualá México. .

The two spokespersons agreed that there are still challenges to be addressed in digitization And the evolution of e-commerce, as well as in terms of financial inclusion, as 65 million Mexicans remain outside the financial system in the midst of a digital revolution.

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