UTT student wins science and engineering fair

Maria Hortensia Cervantes Picardo, fourth-year student in the management profession at the Technological University of Torreon (UTT) It has been recognized by State Council for Science and Technology (COECyT) For being the first in the category Earth and Environmental Sciences for your projectEco dishes from disposable bottles” On the Coahuila Science and Engineering Fair 2022.

Cervantes Pichardo comments that creating these artifacts was a thing I’ve been willing to do this since high schoolbut it wasn’t until he entered college that he found the call that helped him make it happen thanks to University To do relevant research.

He comments that he previously had the idea of ​​making these dishes sproutable as well, but that wasn’t possible, since then Through the use of plastic contradicts this ideaso he decided to make only a recyclable product, with the teacher’s support Erica Lorena Lopez Rodriguez, Counsellor For the Coahuila Science and Engineering Fair 2022.

He points out that one of the most important challenges when preparing for this call He didn’t have enough knowledge to implement his project with the methodology he neededWhich is why Lopez Rodriguez helped the student with it, because it is Professor of Research Methodology and Research Seminar.

Maria Hortensia with her advisor Erica Lorena Lopez Rodriguez. (Compliment)

Erika Lorena remembers that State Council for Science and Research Among all states, a methodology is implemented in the investigation, it is carried out in stages and sequential.

“This is a process that we must follow, whether we are researchers or they are as students. My main goal is to It imparts to young people enthusiasm and knowledge of the methodology so that they can develop their projects in the best possible wayThis is what Lopez Rodriguez said.

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Another challenge that Maria Hortensia had to face was also achieve dishesBecause he decided to enter the call An individual, doing all the work, whether researching or realizing the product. As a student he also works in a grain and seed delivery company, as well as helping out with a family business on weekends, Balancing school, project, and jobs was tough, but it paid off in the end.

“I didn’t imagine it, it was my advisor who gave me the news, because I couldn’t even check the page. I was on my way to work when I got the call,” says Maria Ortensia, who was taken.

At the moment, it is expected Dec Awards ceremony for the winners and they are still waiting to see if they will be part of the eligible students for National Science and Engineering Fair. In addition to giving Continuation For the project, where the results were not as expected, so it is time for more research and product changes.

Finally, Cervantes Picardo Thanks to his advisor’s help in preparing the documentfor the accountant Maria Guadalupe Torres Lemon Through the resources obtained within the university, as well as by administrative staff From his testimony for support.

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