Using T-MEC Tools to Resolve Trade Disputes: European Union

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The United States Trade RepresentativeCatherine Tay emphasized that in order to better reach the second anniversary of the entry into force of the T-MEC signed in June 2020, the new tools provided for in the agreement should be used to Resolving trade disputes and fulfilling obligations with Mexico and Canada.

Within the framework of the Brookings Institution report, where it examines the main priorities for building a file A more competitive, inclusive and sustainable North American economythe official noted that the USMCA is the cornerstone of North America’s economic future, and A reflection of the continuous development in trade policy response to contemporary challenges.

“There is much to celebrate as we approach the second anniversary of the union of the USA, Mexico and Canada, but the implementation work is still in its infancy. We must use the new tools of agreement. Effectively resolve our business disputes and fulfill the commitments made between us.”

He explained that in 2022, they will work together to support the development of the regional workforce and small and medium enterprises (Small and medium-sized companies)with select shapes increase the resilience of supply chains, Combating forced labor, protecting the environment, and addressing damages to state-owned enterprises.

“in the next years , It will be very important for the United States, Mexico and Canada to continue our close cooperation to ensure that the United States, Mexico and Canada It remains a living agreement that generates inclusive economic growth and expands our collective prosperity.”

Tai stressed that T-MEC will help North America meet the challenges of the twenty-first century It will facilitate a strong and fair recovery of the epidemicbecause labor and environmental commitments are stronger than any other trade agreement, and they are fully enforceable through the new tools and mechanisms we are actively using.

“innovator” rapid response mechanismprovides the United States with an opportunity to provide proactive support to the efforts of National labor justice reform in Mexico Empowering workers in Mexico and the United States at the same time.”

In this sense, he indicated that in May 2021, The United States launched labor law enforcement actions under the trade agreement For the first time in history. “We have analyzed another issue that has led to severance payments and back wages for Mexican workers and a commitment to impartiality in future union elections.”

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