Users have reported crashes in the Meta app

users instagram They reported failures and crashes in the app on Sunday. The downfall of the service prevents them from publicly using the social network app.

According to the site DownDetector Around 7:00 PM in Argentina, users from all over the world started reporting problems with the app. Claims arriving on the specialized site from the United States jumped from 17,000 to 107 in a few minutes and with a Peak 180 thousand failure notification.

‚ÄčMeanwhile, in Argentina, more than 5,000 reports have already been registered and the Instagram status has been moved to with problems.

Instagram will experience failures in all of its functions, be it posting photos or updating a feed feed Or to download videos or stories.

For now, the social network remains silent and has not released any official information regarding the failure it is experiencing.

Failure affected On other networks like Twitterflooded Memes for Fall Sunday One of the most fun apps ever famous topic News with hashtags like #InstagramDown and #MurióInstagram.

Instagram warning when trying to update the feed. The app dropped on Sunday. Yasser

Over time, falls have been recorded in other places. After the Argentine 20, there was a peak in failure notices in Canada – with more than 24,000 users – or Australia, with 11,000.

The service started to come back in Argentina, after 8:30pm, although there were still users who were unable to upload their posts after an hour.

Another big Instagram fail

The last major failure recorded by Instagram occurred in September 2022. At that time, according to users of the application, they were either “kicked out” for logging in or closed directly. At that time it affected iOS and Android users.

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It was a Thursday and it happened in the afternoon. It coincided in the scales. There were 5,000 reports of failures in DownDetector from Argentina, as of 2:30 p.m.

A big problem happened to Meta a year ago: in October 2021, the three major digital platforms of Mark Zuckerberg’s store – F NetworksFacebook, Instagram and WhatsApp– he fell dramaticallyas users from all over the world reported access problems due to a technical glitch.

Blackouts It lasted, at that time, 7 hours. A month ago, Instagram was down all over the world.


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