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USAID It promotes financial education in different provinces of Colombia, particularly for immigrants from Venezuela, women and rural residents.

The strategy is to educate participants about group savings. This will allow them to set up businesses and strengthen solidarity funds. Additionally, these residents receive training in accounting concepts, business management, and digital marketing.

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Usaid works in Colombia alongside the following organizations: Asociación Salto Ángel, with coverage in La Guajira and allies in Valledupar; The Procrear Foundation in Bogotá; The League of Women of the Sowing of Life, with coverage in Montes de Maria; Nueva Ilusión Foundation, in Cúcuta, the Catatumbo region and Imprecolvin, with coverage in Antioquia.

Profits earned by both groups and participants, once they have completed their savings cycle, will be used for the purpose of improving their quality of life, such as promoting their projects. This project allows them to have a savings account.

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