US visa 2022: How much does it cost?

The US visa 2022 It has different categories depending on the purpose for which you will be traveling to the United States. For example: study, work, tourism, artistic performance, among others.

each category of US visa when different cost. For example, it is cheaper to treat a Mexican under 15 years old than a tourist. The ones that are a little more expensive are the ones that work, but they open the doors more to applying for permanent residence.

In addition, the highest payment to be paid is an order Fiancé (K-1) visawhich a US citizen can bring his foreign partner to marry him within 90 days.

US visa prices 2022 according to categories

Remember to file Pay is for to treat The Request. However, it is not guaranteed that the visa will be granted, since it is the consular officer who makes the final decision. Likewise, application processing rates remained at $160, $205, $265 and $15, according to the State Department’s Official Visa Assignment Service.


  • B1 / B2also known as visitor. It is ideal for business, tourism and medical treatment.
  • cFrom Crossing. It is for people who want to cross US territory or stop in the country.
  • Drin order to Crew members Airplanes or cruise ships. It also applies to pilots, flight attendants, captains, sailors and engineers.
  • Ffor him academic student. The F-1 visa is for foreign students who wish to enter an academic program of study, either a college or university.
  • Mfor Non-academic/technical student. The M-1 visa is for those who enroll in professional programs.
  • yofor Media or journalists. Intended for professionals working in magazines, newspapers, television and radio. It also works with translators, editors, analysts, and presenters.
  • yin order to exchange visitors. The J-1 visa is for foreign nationals participating in exchange programs.
  • TD/TNfor professionals qualified to work with US employers on the NAFTA job listing.
  • oris for Victims of criminal activity. It is intended for protection while criminal investigations are being conducted.
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  • hin order to temporary workers also trainees. The H2-A is for agriculture and the H-2B is for non-agricultural workers.
  • alsoin order to People with extraordinary abilities Those with skills in the sciences, the arts, education, business or sports.
  • sin order to Athletes and artists s Artists.
  • sin order to Visitors From international cultural exchange In a school, museum, business or other cultural institution.
  • sin order to religious workers Who are the ministers, priests, or workers of a religious association.
  • Thein order to Transferred employees within your company or company.

205 bucks

  • e 1 It is for citizens of a country with which the United States has signed treaties.
  • e 2 It’s intended for people from a country where the United States has signed treaties and done important research.
  • e 3 It is for all Australians with professional majors.


  • Kalso known as Fiance also Husband from U.S US citizen.

16 dollars

  • B1 / B2 This is a US visitor visa for a Mexican under 15 years old. However, you must meet one of the following requirements:
  1. The parent or guardian must be Mexican and apply for a B1/B2 visa at the same time.
  2. The Mexican parent or guardian has a visa valid for 10 years.

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