US urges Venezuelans not to attempt to enter irregularly

The US Embassy in Mexico Asked immigrants from Venezuela do not reach the border Joint between the two countries, in order to avoid existence Arrested s They went to Mexico.

“Those Venezuelans who come to the US border will be sent back to Mexico. They will not be allowed in. One is already working A new process allows them to apply online to fly to United State from where they are. This is the only way to enter,” he explained in a document he sent to him the reason.

The Embassy s Consulates they asked Venezuelans stay where you are, and In case they want to come to the United States, follow the legal procedures.

The The Department of Homeland Security New (DHS) announced A safe and legal way for eligible Venezuelans with sponsors to fly to the United States To reside in this country, ask permission from profession.

The process of applying for legal residence in the United States

to ask Entering the United States legally Through the new programme, Venezuelan citizens You must register online at; You must have Valid passport And follow the instructions on the site.

contact a US citizen or so far legal resident to support them. Once their supporter is approved, they will be allowed to complete their application online; one will make Biometrics, biography, national security investigation, and public safety that must pass; It must comply Complete Vaccination Schedule and other health requirements.

When the process is completed, They will be notified by email If approved, they will be able to travel to the United States. You or the person supporting you, He will be responsible for booking and paying for your flight.


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