US Supreme Court Justice Accepts Gifts From Millionaire, ProPublica Reveals

The most conservative US Supreme Court justice, Clarence ThomasShe accepted a luxurious residence funded by a millionaire known for his donations to the Republican Party for more than twenty years, according to a newspaper investigation published Thursday.

Research Journal Online ProPublica claims to have interviewed “dozens of people” He reviewed internal documents to prove that the judge accepted lavish gifts from businessman Harlan Crowe without authorizing them.

Fix The Court, which campaigns for Supreme Court reform, revealed in a statement, these “staggering” findings.

This underscores, according to the memo, the need for “a complete reinvention, led by members of Congress, of their responsibilities when it comes to basic oversight measures,” particularly stricter rules on gifts received by their members.

The friendship between the judge and the real estate mogul was the subject of a New York Times article in 2011, which called it “extraordinary and morally sensitive.”

“You should resign”

This is not the first time the judge has been embroiled in controversy. His wife, Jenny, participated in the crusade of former Republican President Donald Trump (2017-2021) to prove, without evidence, that the 2020 presidential election, won by Democrat Joe Biden, was stolen from him.

When it emerged that she had sent text messages and emails to that end, more left-leaning political segments of the Democrats decried an apparent conflict of interest and urged her husband to step down from any electoral filings.

Nominated by then-Republican President George HW Bush in 1991, Thomas He was confirmed for the position despite allegations of sexual harassment made by a former aide. The judge always denied them, presenting himself as a victim of what he called “lynching”.

ProPublica also points out in its research Clarence Thomas Almost every summer he goes to an estate owned by a businessman in the Adirondacks, in New York State, who has accompanied him to “Bohemian Grove”, in California, an all-male club reserved for politicians, artists, celebrities, and businessmen.

To preserve what remains of the public’s respect for the Supreme Court of the United States, Justice Thomas Congressman Hank Johnson said on Twitter.

For his part, influential Democratic Senator Dick Durbin emphasized that Slouk Thomas “It simply goes against the ethical standards that the American people would expect of any public servant, let alone a Supreme Court justice.”

White House press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre said no comment would be made because “there are other government agencies that have to deal with this.”

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