US midterm elections: Six keys to understanding what was voted on Tuesday, November 8

New York: If you know it in general The upcoming midterm elections in the United States It will have major global repercussions, but you are not familiar with how the US government system works or you find it difficult to understand, you have come to the right place.

In the two-party system in the United States, Control of two major government bodies – the Senate and the House of Representatives – is necessary to pass laws, and will be determined by a vote on November 8.. So far, Democrats control the House and SenateSo losing the House and Senate to Republicans would drastically reduce Democrats’ power over the next two years of President Joe Biden’s term.

The Senatewhich is now restricted at 50-50 but Democrats under control because Vice President Kamala Harris casts the tie-breakerIt has 100 members, two from each of the 50 states. There are 34 seats available for elections this November, with winners serving six-year terms.

The Parliaments, with 435 voting members, Controlled by the Democrats, by 222 votes to 213. All 435 seats are ready to grab the two-year winners.

The Americans will vote Governors of 36 of the 50 states of the Union, As well as a group of local administrators.

The party holding the presidency – now the Democrats – has performed poorly overall in the midterm elections. Frustration with the president often generates success for the other, and Biden has low approval ratings.

Pennsylvania Representative Leslie Rossi poses with a giant portrait of former US President Donald Trump in front of “Trump House,” which she owns and created in 2016, in Youngstown, Pennsylvania, on November 6, 2022. Angela Weiss – AFP

Nowadays, Republicans are the favorites to win the House of Representatives while anyone can win the Senate, According to FiveThirtyEight. The Democrats enjoyed huge support in the polls afterwards The Supreme Court issued an unpopular ruling in June that overturned the constitutional right to abortion, This gave the party hope that it could defy historical trends, but in general this advantage has faded.

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In such polarized times, it is very difficult to pass legislation unless one party controls the presidency, the House of Representatives, and the Senate. If Republicans win the House or Senate, they stand a chance of blocking much of what Biden and Democrats hope to achieve by 2024.When the next presidential election will be held. Farewell to any major democratic legislation.

On the other hand, if Democrats retain control of the House and increase their lead in the Senate, they may have more power to pass new legislation. With senators left for six years, increasing the lead now will give them some breathing room in 2024, when analysts say Republicans are likely to be heavily favored.

If Republicans gain more power, they might block democratic efforts to legalize abortion rights and take action on the climate; And questioning the aid sent to Ukraine.

If the Republicans take one or both chambers, they can Use his new powers to create a flood of investigations about Democrats, as the opposition parties have long done in Washington. Through subpoenas and judicial hearings, they can highlight alleged incompetence or alleged wrongdoing on various topics, Such as the raid on the private club and residence of former President Donald Trump in August, the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the response to the pandemic.

Democrats hope Among the goals of such investigations is Biden and his familyAnd the With Dr. Anthony FauciOne of the top medical advisors to the Trump and Biden governments.

As some Republicans have pledged dismissal of the presidenta complex process that could force Biden to appear before the Senate, as Trump did in the 2020 and 2021 impeachment proceedings. Republican Senator Ted Cruz said last year that there would be “tremendous pressure” on the House Republican to bring Biden to trial “whether justified or not.

Former US President Donald Trump speaks during a rally "Save America" Before the midterm elections at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, on November 5, 2022.
Former US President Donald Trump speaks during a “Save America” ​​rally before the midterm elections at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport in La Trobe, Pennsylvania, on November 5, 2022.Angela Weiss – AFP

Include control of the Senate power Approval of federal court judges, including the Supreme Court. If Republicans demand control, there is a danger that they will use their power Biden blocking appointments.

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When President Barack Obama, a Democrat, had to work with the Republican-controlled Senate, they blocked his 2016 Supreme Court nomination. Instead, Trump has managed to speed up the approval of three court appointments, thanks to a proper Senate.

Although not high-ranking, appointments to lower courts sometimes have a significant impact. As presidents, both Trump and Biden have used their party’s control of the Senate to appoint dozens of judges as they wish to senior positions across the country.

Governor will be elected in 36 states. In addition to the other powers you will have, it can have a significant impact in determining whether abortion remains legal in different countries.

Each state’s secretary of state races don’t usually get much attention, but this year they have drawn a great deal of attention because of the role they play in overseeing elections. It could become an important position if there are electoral disputes in the 2024 presidential election, and some rival Republicans in key states have endorsed Trump’s false claims that they stole the 2020 election from him.

Written by Daniel Victor

The New York Times

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